Mimosa Ricketts

Textiles in Practice

Inspired by the familiar and ever changing Peak District landscape of home, the geometric structures found in the urban landscape of Manchester and most recently the children’s illustrated book ‘Where the wild things are’ have provided me with a wealth of visual information that I have recorded through stitch and collage. 

This information has been further translated into woven samples where the use of natural fibres has been a key element in the production of fabrics suitable for the interiors market; in particular children’s blanket. Using lambs wool yarn and the dyeing and finishing processes that have been employed have enhanced the hand made essence of this work which is imperative in this body of work. 

Post Graduation I would like to continue to develop my skills in weave and work with other textile designers and artists in the hope to continue to start my own business hand weaving and holding community-based workshops.

Tags: Architecture, Colour, Embroidery, Geometrics, Hand Dyed, Hand Woven, Lambswool, Shape, Weave, Wool

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