Molly Piper Greaves

Fine Art

Molly Piper Greaves’ practice explores the hypersexualised female body, using her own body to deconstruct societal perceptions of the female form. Working predominantly in ceramic sculpture and performative film, the artist challenges the theoretical concept of “The Male Gaze” within art, playing with the hypersexualisation and desexualisation of the female body. The artist often uses her own body as a medium to create the pieces, imprinting herself on the art, and ultimately blurring the line between artist and subject. This notion is a key concern in her work, which often challenges the art historical tradition of male artists depicting the passive female nude as their subject. The act of reappropriating this imagery is pivotal in her work. By presenting the nude in its natural form, interacting with both landscape and raw materials such as clay, the artist seeks to reclaim the “gaze”, displaying the body outside of societal expectations. This allows the audience to view the duality of the female experience, exploring both mind and body simultaneously, therefore celebrating the true multifaceted nature of womanhood. 

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