Natalie Goodall

Textiles in Practice

My practice explores the intersection of 3D printing technology and traditional textile processes and techniques. The rigid structures presented by the majority of 3D printed textiles encouraged me to challenge the surrounding perceptions and think about how we define a fabric. I found that 3D printed fabrics often lacked an ability to drape and move freely. Therefore, in response to this, my work relies on material innovation in creating new and exciting possibilities for the future of 3D printed textiles.

By becoming directly involved in the 3D printing process I have utilised existing fabrics to print directly onto and build up a range of surfaces that could not be achieved in any other way. Working with 3D print has allowed me to take direct ownership in manipulating and controlling the 3D printing process. Each surface created references traditional hand techniques by using 3D print as a textile tool.

Tags: 3d Print, Digital Fabrication, Material Innovation, Surface Pattern

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