Niamh Baker

Textiles in Practice

I am an embroidery and mixed media-based artist producing mainly gallery-based pieces.  My strengths lie within my abstract drawings and how I translate them into surface design with hand and machine embroidery. Furthermore working with laser cutting and weave to create a three-dimensional aspect to my practice.

My most recent practice Mimicry has been inspired by movement and mimicry of fish scales and how they shift their form creating misleading patterns and colourful lures to protect from predators; Batesian mimicry.  I’ve been working on the Gyotaku which is a Japanese art form which uses actual fish to create an ink image traditional with sumi ink and rice paper.

Recently completeing a commissoned piece for Vertical Gallery which was a loose free hanging hand woven weave installation with laser cut scales engraved with my Gyotaku prints onto clear and mirrored Perspex attached to the weave. 

Tags: Embroidery, Mixedmedia, Surfacedesign, Textiles, Weave

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