Niamh Sarson

Fine Art

I am always trying with my work to achieve a engaging experience with my audience through my use of lines and the overwhelming nature of them, this is especially present in my pieces that contain very bold and stand-alone elements. My ideas are always to highlight to the viewer the work that has gone into creating these pieces and the effort that has also taken place for the work the be like this. 

Automatic Drawing and Automatism have played a key role within my technique and ideas surrounding my practice. it is more clear in my earlier work the role it played, and how I was obsessed with creating a movement that flowed through the linear shapes and doodles I would create. Although I have drifted away from the idea of Automatism, elements are still present in my later works and this is primarily because I have continually used my original drawings that were created through spontaneity, and have taken the outline of the shapes and used them to create a sort of motif that I have later used to experiment with materials and themes.

I personally felt that for my practice paper was very limiting and it felt like my work didn't deserve to be stopped because of the corners and edges created by them, using Walls as almost an installation piece, it stopped that and made me aware that I could continue to expand my work and make it more than it was on paper. This then will highlight to the viewer how personal each of these pieces are to me, and how long and tiring it was to complete even just one. But although the effort required from me I thoroughly enjoyed it nonetheless, because of the outcome and how eye-catching each of these wall drawings has become.

Tags: Automatic Drawing, Automatism, Consciousness, Linear Forms, Lines, Marker Pens, Spontaneous, Wall Drawing, Wall Installation

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