Pip Carrington

Illustration with Animation

I am a watercolour and digital artist based in Greater Manchester. My imagination is a huge driving force and influences almost everything I do. I paint and draw to tell a visually appealing story and my artwork has been described as both traditional and whimsical, however, I do create more contemporary pieces using digital software.

I am particularly interested in creating pieces of art based on narrative such as that found in tales of myth and legend, fairy tales and fantasy but I also enjoy background and character design. A particular trademark is portraying light and shadow to add depth to my work which I believe creates more interesting and striking art.

I am particularly proud of the book I have written, illustrated and had professionally printed for the Degree Show which was inspired by Russian folklore and traditional storytelling.  It is an allegorical tale about cultural destruction and restoration, topics close to my heart, which is a good read for all ages!

Tags: Background Art, Character Design, Children's Book, Culture, Digital Art, Fairy Tale, Fantasy, Folklore, Graphic Novel, Illustration, Myth And Legend, Storytelling

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