Poppy Ridgway

Three Dimensional Design

Teeth! Not one set of teeth are the same, just like fingerprints they are unique to us. The precious nashers that sit in our gums go through a lot each day. This is without the fashion trend of fake braces taking over our smiles. Due to western society, Asian cultures see the metal dots on our teeth as a status symbol. As there is such a huge financial burden of receiving braces, the rise of fake braces have become more popular and dangerous. The tiny components on fake braces are made from led, and once swallowed can cause poisoning. Two deaths have already occurred from this fashion trend. In my collection ‘Open Wide’, I toast to everything to do with teeth and show awareness for the epidemic fake braces. With influences from the Victorian Era, the celebration of teeth are represented by my collection of nine curious objects.

Tags: 3d Print, Brass, Casting, Objects, Silver, Teeth, Victorian, Wearable

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