Rachael Radford

Three Dimensional Design

The dinner table, once a place of familial communication, has quickly become a hub for digital chatter. I have created the ‘Hide and Dine Collection’ to help society cope with the issues we are facing due to our extended digital limb. The plates have a specially developed foot ring to allow mobile phones to slide underneath thereby remaining hidden during meal times. These plates help families and friends to create a more balanced relationship with their smartphones and encourage us to talk more ‘face-to-face’ to alleviate online pressures.

Expanding from traditional blue and white ceramic tableware I have exploited this to create a contemporary use of the Toile de Jouy technique. On closer inspection the surface pattern of my plates are composed of smart phones, headphones and chargers. This also inspires one to rethink our relationship with social media and mobile phones.

Tags: Ceramics, Digital Detox, Functional Ceramics, Innovative Design, Iphone Addiction, Plates, Surface Pattern, Tableware

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