Rebecca Orr

Interior Design

For my final project, I created a shelter for women and children that are victims of domestic abuse. As a designer, I believe the way a person feels when in a space is very important therefore I designed a brief that helps the victims feel safe as well as being safe. I researched into safety and how safety can influence design. The contrasts and similarities of physically being safe and feeling emotionally comfortable in a space influenced my design and how I created the shelter. I designed a sanctuary for victims through colour theory, materials and how the space is organised to help the occupant feel comfortable. I included facilities like a nurses office, counselling rooms and emergency accommodation to help the occupant move forward. The theory of how a person feels in a space influencing my design is something I want to continue achieving through my design practice.

Tags: Architecture, Design, Interior Design, Natural Materials, Safety, Sanctuary, Shelter, Victims, Wood

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