Rosanna Dakin

Fine Art

I am inspired by Surrealism, humour and the absurd. I tend to explore my themes through the use of symbols and semiotics throughout my work. I develop ideas and drawings from my imagination, the everyday, poems and dreams, introducing a different, otherworldly place generated through a subconscious mind state. My work is concerned with creating artwork that is surreal and post-modern. I predominantly work with mediums such as oil painting, automatic drawings, print and soft sculpture, it allows room for experimentation and verges the boundaries between traditional oil painting and contemporary sculpture. My initial ideas occur by forming drawings and collecting and combining this imagery to create a lino print based around these themes and ideas. My everyday thoughts and dream accounts help formulate my poems, writing from memories, situations, experiences and environments with people and places, this helps me to tackle and address subconscious thoughts and what they mean in relation to conscious, waking life. Recurring ideas of floating worlds and narratives, referring to the sky, sea and sleep, allowing different worlds to stimulate thoughts and feelings whilst being in an altered space.

Tags: Dreams, Humour, Lino Print, Other-worldly, Painting, Sea, Sleep, Subconsious, Surrealism

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