Roslyn Ashcroft

Three Dimensional Design

I am a Mixed-material Craft Practitioner. My work invites people to slow down through a mindful engagement with creativity and object interaction.

In a culture where exhaustion is a status symbol and experiences are rewarded with immediate results, when do we ever take the time out of our busy schedule to be mindful and reflective of the present moment? The concept of mindfulness, “The deliberate act of awareness to the present moment.” (Andre, 2014) heavily influences my practice. My body of work focusses on the mindful activity of doodling in the sand.

I create playful and interactive tools that invite a user to spend time discovering the different marks they can make in the sand.

Sand takes away the sense of permanence from the activity of doodling and encourages a non-judgemental attitude towards drawing. Enabling the focal point to be on the therapeutic process, rather than the result.

Tags: Arts-for-health, Doodling, Interactive, Mindfullnes, Object-engagement, Playful, Well-being

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