Ruairi Paxman-Donaghy

Fine Art

Ruairi's main body of work is comprised of sculpture and installation that features kinetic and audiovisual parts, running water or other experiential elements. It's busy, fast moving, its effect is silly, fun and almost childlike, this emerges as an intentional distraction, a physical and emotional decoy separating desire from substance - He is often thinking and working intuitively about society, spirituality, psychology and morality, or interpreting the nature of perfection and ideal worlds. He has created an ironic non or post-human world of plastic nature, where joy, freedom and fertility are held within absurd objects and machines. This is in part an acceptance of the objective ridiculousness of reality in conflict with subjective experience. But in his work can be seen a light-hearted, though deceptively hard commentary on the destruction of the natural world and the prospect of human extinction, that he treats with a romantic and celebratory outlook of fatalism, nostalgia, and pride in human achievement. He imagines his creations continuing, day after day, year after year, mere objects imbued with emotion and the eternal madness of the captured human condition, still running long after real humanity, real life, has become little more than dust. His work is like a lifelike though strangely alien eulogy for the world. 

Tags: Contemporarysculpture, Installation, Kineticsculpture

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