Sarah Marie Rowlands

Fine Art

My practice loosely focuses on interior space and my interest in the materiality of paint. I am interested in the interior space as a transitional one; always changing, people passing through, a murder scene cleared up. My work combines fictional and non-fictional rooms and crime scenes, blurring the lines between reality and dreams, time and space.

I attempt to invite the viewer into the room and question what happened. I play around distorting perspective, merging painting styles, combining familiarity with abnormality, creating uncertainty.

The process of physically making the painting is important to me, so in turn I often leave aspects of construction exposed, indicating the image is not meant to be a physical normal space, and more a concept. Painting helps me to understand the world we live in, and similarly to life, is a continual process of construction and deconstruction and reconstruction.

Tags: Construction, Crimescene, Distortion, Dreams, Fictional, Interior, Non-fictional, Oiloncanvas, Oilpainting, Painting, Perspective, Reality, Rooms, Surrealism, Theuncanny

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