Spencer Roe-Ely

Fine Art

I am interested in having a multidisciplinary practice this meant i combined my personal curiosity in the found object and my eagerness to explore photomontage to inspire my final year creative direction which he uses notions of juxtaposition and dichotomy as a method of deconstructing the nature of heteronormativity.

This practice involves a creative response to gender issues surrounding masculinity in response to its ever evolving post-modern identities. My research into social construction of gender and gender binary were important to the transformation of my studio practice and combined this notion with using symbols from the references within pop culture and how they represent masculine identity. The intention of my practice is to reveal to the audience how deeply culturally we are tied to these gendered associations.

My work explores the notion of blending stereotypical feminine and masculine elements within popular cultural symbols such as drag culture and using props and objects more socially associated with patriarchal depictions of masculinity and power.

Tags: Gender Binary, Masculine Identity, Objects, Photomontage

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