Stanley Waters

Fine Art

Mice hide within their holes, plotting, scheming and wondering. When a vicar moves his pew our world stays still, unchanged and ever-present. But to the forgotten mouse Vicar Marshall has declared war, stamped on their local pharmacy and spat in the stilton supplies. Slowly a war ignites, as the human parish falls the mice themselves erupt within, Generations of discontent under the United Mice Unite party bubbles over. Buck runs from doe whist pinkie watches on. Out of the brutalisation emerges Sect Mus Bout, Listed terrorists by U.M. Counter Terrorism, but seen as saviours from torment by the masses. Whispering amongst their voids a plan takes shape, a solution appears upon the horizon.

"Mr Waters work commonly finds it's self intertwined with narrative, constructing video, sculpture and digital imagery from this central fiction. For the past year he's used mice as a vessel for exploring themese of terrorism and the deconstruction of English innocence. Introducing semtex into the idyllic image of England's pastures green." - Sten watery.

Tags: Art, Dark Humour, Digital, English Innocence, Humour, Installation, Maya, Mice, Mouse Holes, Narnia, Rupert The Bear, Sculpture, Sound, Taxidermy, Terrorism, Video

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