Taylor Dowling

Textiles in Practice

I am a digital print designer who loves exploring and experimenting with colour, shape and layering, striving to create depth and intrigue within flat images. My work is heavily inspired by nature and all its components, drawing from it and attempting to manipulate it into something completely new.

My final project, ‘Living Coral’, took inspiration from both Pantone’s colour of the year by the same name and from a variety of sea life in desperate need of preservation. Focusing on creating prints for interiors and stationary, I used my original drawings of coral, shells and other living creatures who live beneath the waves coupled with a versatile and contemporary colour pallete to develop a wide range of digital prints. I wanted these be marketable and eye catching as to further draw attention to the beauty of our oceans and encourage interest in oceanic preservation.

Post-graduation, I intend to continue pushing myself as a designer and as an artist by gaining as much experience as I can by working for and alongside designers, both textile and otherwise. I hope to continue to better myself and my work.

Tags: Conservation, Contemporary, Digital, Interiors, Modern, Ocean, Print, Sealife, Stationary, Vibrant

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