Tilly Pegrum-Haram

Fine Art and Art History

My work is about people. It is rooted in a fascination and a fear of human behaviour and relations. 

Thematically, my work deals with broader existential concerns surrounding the self, identity and individuality. I try to capture the disharmonies that can be found in these definitions in relation to others and surrounding spaces. This is visually exposed in the blurring of boundaries between subject and object, the seeing and the seen and the personal and the public. By blurring the boundaries, I wish to expose truths about nearness and isolation. 

I wish to present a visual translation of something human and relatable. The approach relies on my own vulnerability and honesty as an artist to make the intention of the work forceful and compelling, not simply to reveal something about myself, but to reveal something about the viewer and something about us all as people, alone and together.  

Tags: Art, Artist, Existential, Existentialism, Figurative, Figurativeart, Identity, Oil, Oiloncanvas, Oilpainting, Paint, Painting, Portraiture, Psychological, Psychologicalportraiture, Self

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