Tristan Pike


My name is Tristan Pike, I specialise in 3D CG Animation and I am the writer and director of the short film Twitcher Picture.    

The idea for the film was inspired by my passions for nature and being in the outdoors and also in traditional slapstick comedy such as Laurel & Hardy and Mr. Bean.

I would describe it as a ‘Karma study’ as it is about actions and consequences or the difference between meanness and kindness.

I was keen to make sure the film had a particular warmth to it that would stay with the viewers after watching which I believe as a filmmaker, is very important.   

I would say my specialism is in character animation, working with both human and animal (and sometimes a mixture of both) type characters. I am also interested in the fundamentals of storytelling and how character performance alone can enhance the narrative experience. 

Tags: 3d, Animals, Animation, Birds, Birdwatching, Cartoon, Cgi, Ducks, Hobbies, Maya, Nature, Outdoors

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