Victoria Pennington

Fine Art and Art History

My work is a mixture between the gory and dark side of the human condition, mixed with the beauty of the female form. From a young age, I have always been interested in the Victorian period from an early age, ranging from the arts and crafts movement to the historical context of the age. Over the past three years the book “The Sick Rose: Or; Disease and the Art of Medical illustration” has massively inspired my colour schemes, style of painting and a deep interest in the distorted human body. Throughout the years I developed a passion for both art and history, mainly World War Two and the gory tales of the Victorian age. These passions have fuelled my love of medical art and the dark side to the human form.  I use oil on calico for the face outline, the for the disease, wax, sugar and oil paint mixed together to build the disease up.

Tags: 18th Century, Abstract, Class, Death, Disease, Human Form, Medical, Medical Illusrations, Oils, Portraits, Suagr, Victorian, Victorian Disease, Wax, Women

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