Bring Us Sunshine

Morecambe, a former coastal seaside resort began to fall from former glory in the 1970s. Package holidays did Morecambe no favours and when holiday-makers began to favour vacations overseas Morecambe quickly went from a Northern hotspot to a forgotten, neglected town.

In subsequent years Morecambe has seen many regenerative efforts rise up from the rubble - some of which flopped dramatically. Over the past two years the game has really changed for Morecambe with the Eden Project confirming the location for their latest exhibition bringing much excitement to the coastal region.

This participatory documentary explores the rise and many falls of Morecambe and looks at some of the the admittedly promising projects currently ongoing - including small community projects and artists who have had a massive local impact. I - Natasha Lee, want to find out whether it is all enough to bring sunshine back to Morecambe once again.