Mateusz Barszcz BA (Hons) Fine Art

Mateusz Barszcz

Turning away from grand ideas and complex theory which grips the contemporary art scene, I wanted to focus instead on what is right now a far too often overlooked and disregarded aspect of painting. It's legacy of beauty. 

Though it can certainly make for valid and interesting art, the vast majority of painting today does not make for very pleasant viewing. Now, this may very well no longer matter to most conceptual artists, (and indeed most painters) all of whom, may have very eloquently phrased reasons for omitting beauty as an aspect in their work, but by doing so one part of painting they miss out on, is legacy. 

Now, legacy in regard to painting can be thought of in many different ways, but here I am using the most basic, that which you as the artist leave behind for others.

You see, believe it or not, our time on this earth will eventually run out, and when it does, those who remain shall inherit something from us. Appart from money and anecdotes, we shall give to them the fruits of our labour, and there are few gifts quite as marvellous and heart-warming as a beautifully hand painted work of art, withc showcases the care and labour of another human being.

What the theorist is often forgetting, is that you are crafting something for your fellow human being. The artist whom I admire, and from whom I have sought to learn as much as I possibly can, all wanted to leave us with the very most gorgeous and breath-taking painting's that their human hands could possibly make. 

My most coveted dream, is to try and follow in their footsteps, no matter how hard that path may turn out to be.