Bonny Woodhouse
BA (Hons) Textiles in Practice

Bonny Woodhouse

Throughout my journey through this course, my practice focuses on finding inventive ways to translate my illustrations into woven responses. I have a tactile approach to making art work, using physical mediums, such as paint, ink, yarn and fabric to create a rich body of vibrant imagery. 

I consider my work to be socially engaging, finding a niche that people can relate to, with my illustrations tending to be crude and comedic to the viewer. For this project, I was heavily influenced by daily interactions and regional dialect - recalling stories from my hometown of Newcastle Upon-Tyne. 

The imagery I generate taps into an unconscious part of my mind, allowing imagination and lived experience to collide with gaudy phrases that aim to make the viewer enjoy my work. With my illustrations in mind, I then translate these motifs into my weaving practice, exploring new ways to craft what I wish to convey to the audience such as tapestry and inlaying. 

Generally, the social engagement aspect to my practice is what I've been most enthusiastic about, with my friend introducing me to volunteering throughout the last year of my course. Leading on from graduation, I want to engage with community groups and projects, additionally freelancing and fabric sourcing for the time being, hopefully applying for a masters degree in the near future.