Chloe Watts
BA (Hons) Illustration with Animation

Chloe Watts

I am an illustrator and designer based in the North. My personal work almost always explores my personal experiences, as I strive to turn my negative experiences into a vehicle for change.

My practice and illustrative style has evolved with me- I hope to go into visual communication, so I am constantly trying to develop my visual language. My work more often than not contains bold colours and harsh shapes, as I try to push the boundaries of communication.

My degree show work comprises of two main projects- the first being prints from my series of 192 ink drawings ( ) , exploring and delving into my struggles with mental illness. The second project is that of the 3D figures in various sizes. These figures came about purely by chance, but the development of my work from 2D to 3D is synonymous with my growth. It has been so wonderful to hear the amount of people that relate to my work or have learnt from it.

Design Award Winner Elephant Award A Studio Called Jane Award