Ed Lee
BA (Hons) Product Design and Craft

Home to the Brecon Beacons Ed has a deep-rooted connection and intertwined bond with the given land and the materials provided within. The landscape informs my making decisions, guiding material choices and influences the decision-making process throughout my practice.  Having access to the land’s resources produces the ability to explore, discover and interact with them, which has embedded a deep appreciation for nature's materials.  Home has had a huge influence on his practice, by enabling a direct level of engagement with the outdoor environment.  This has evoked nature-bound responses to the surrounding environment.  In turn, this has opened up opportunities for narrative-led making which speak to the location from which the materials originate. The ethos of ‘Situated Aesthetics’ directly links materials back to their original, found location. This has become integral throughout his practice, guiding the decision making and development of work. 

Through Ed's relationship with the land, in addition to the value he places on found natural materials, a dialogue is formed using a multidisciplinary approach to making. He aims to share this interest and appreciation for what nature provides with a wider audience. This is shown through an exploration of situated aesthetics consisting of a variety of materials, forms and textures linking back to the landscape they once lived within.  This has evolved through an investigation and development of materials from the land to create aesthetic objects that invite others to question the value of these materials.