Ellen Mccabe
BA (Hons) Fine Art

I find myself intrigued and excited by the inexplicable and mysterious aspects of daily life and I try to relay this into my practice. Situated between the boundary of the known and the unknown, my aim is to create something that is familiar yet obscured. Much like waking up from a dream; you can’t remember or explain the events that took place, but you understand what happened. I approach this by forming repetitive processes, drawing and re-drawing, printing and re-printing, repurposing different motifs in varying mediums. These processes include some degree of chance; relinquishing my control through external methods to abstract and unsettle my imagery. The transformation that occurs is often done digitally and then recreated physically, creating an echo between the two.

I see the digital as an antagonistic force within my work as it brings about a disruption to my thinking. This disruption is necessary, as the change the occurs when a piece is repeatedly put through digital and physical means references my own relationship to technology and growing up in the age of the internet. I often wonder if my intellectual capabilities have been stunted by my over-reliance on technology throughout my formative years, and this is something that is largely considered throughout my practice.