Ellie McCoy
BA (Hons) Graphic Design

Ellie McCoy

Hi I'm Ellie and I'm a Graphic Designer from Shropshire. Within my design practice, I am drawn to the use of colour, vibrancy, pattern and shape. I enjoy using my playful creativity to create branding including brand identities and touchpoints, illustration and print.

I am drawn to briefs which have a real world feel to them, which includes competition, brands or studio briefs. I have worked on briefs partnered with Lego, Hallmark and I am currently working on a brief set by a design studio in London. Through these different briefs, I have found it exciting to see how far I can push my ideas. My design outcomes are varied, such as designing proposed physical spaces, experiences, websites, packaging, printed media and social media.

Projects included on my profile are:

-All Sorts, a monthly activity pack for low income parents and caregivers of children aged 4-7. Providing materials and inspiration on how to enable their children to learn about cultural diversity and acceptance through play.

-All Systems Go, a group project proposing a new degree show brand identity and touchpoints.

-Sense of Colour, an immersive and multi-sensory installation, created for all to be able to experience colour, even those who may not be able to see it.

Feel free to drop me an email if you'd like to see my full portfolio or have a chat!