Holly Kitchingman
BA (Hons) Illustration with Animation

Holly Kitchingman

Graphic Designer and Illustrator 

My work focuses around the gritty, punk-esque styles of cut and paste collage.

Combining blackwork illustration and vintage, magazine-style prints to create a new lease of life for modern punk graphics; whilst also incorporating editorial techniques.

I have a love for rough, trashy aesthetics, bold typography and Situationist art; my aim is to reiterate and modernise those progressive, rebellious voices of the punk era and combine my love for blackwork illustration; visualising both forms in editorial, print and collage formats. 

My main areas of work include graphic collage, editorial digital illustration and menu/poster/logo design, however I am always open to new challenges, new mediums and new technqiues. I wish to continue finding and developing my visual voice and artistic practice, as well as experimeting with new formats.