Isobel Lewington
BA (Hons) Interior Design

Isobel Lewington


(Finnish): ‘Extraordinary determination in the face of adversity.’

Sisu is an experiential intervention responding to the growing desire to be actively immersed in our local outdoors.

Statistics show a steep increase in outdoor pursuits since 2019, and in engagement with nature as a source of solace. For many, lack of exposure to nature and participation in physical activity presents a barrier. Sisu overcomes cultural, mental and physical barriers pushing visitors to their limits in an exhilarating yet safe environment, before they launch into the wilds of our local national parks.


(Swedish): ‘Early-morning cuckoo’.

Gökotta is a riverside capsule hotel accessible by water taxi from Sisu for travellers to recuperate after completing Sisu’s visitor experience.  Gökotta provides a restful and restorative environment allowing for personal down-time, or, casual social interaction.