Jake Jones
BA (Hons) Graphic Design

Jake Jones

Hi I’m Jake

I am a self proclaimed graphic designer who loves working with physical matter. Magazines, books and zines are all something I admire and have a developing hoarding problem with. The actual reading material is somewhat secondary to the design and feel of a good publication. I like playing with stocks, weights and glosses when it comes to inkjet or screen printing, this is the main area of design I admire most. I also think of myself as a logical thinker, I play and work a lot with grids and layout systems as the mathematical side of this is why I first became acquainted with graphic design. 

The first project ‘STUCCO’ is a typeface I developed based on the restoration technique of the same name. La Casás Ramos is the Art Nouveau style building I based the typeface off of and is undergoing exterior surgery to maintain its façade. The publication is inkjet printed onto 250gsm A3 Weizen paper stock and is perfect bound. The type specimen uses a dual colour system that is inspired by the way water and cement/sand is mixed to create the material stucco.

The second project I have included was from this years (2022) ISTD competition. The brief was to create a website for the release of the Typographic Research Unit. This is a place where all things research, experimentation and typographic based designs live, and that is how the website was designed based on these ideas. The presentation of the website uses the English version of the platform, however it is designed to be used over different language scripts from Cyrillic to Hanzi.