Jake Robinshaw
BA (Hons) Photography

This work posits a series of illusions. Primarily concerned with the relationships between humans and the objects that surround us, the images not only document processes of deconstruction and re-configuration, but further serve as manipulations of scale and space. Electron microscopy is used as a means of imaging lithic matter, which has been physically broken down into grains of sand. In this process, image construction is borne from a further subatomic breakdown of the objects they depict. The very material quality of the objects form the images. Much like a theatre set, the interior of the microscope is present within, yet separate from the rest of the world. Here, the microscopic objects perform, actively involved in their own imaging. This still image is thus rendered a performative illusion of light, scale and space, where it is suspended between an accordance to perceived reality, and its ultimate deferral to an alternate one.