Jessica Edwards
BA (Hons) Drama and Contemporary Performance

My name is Jessica Edwards, I am a 21 year old emerging director, theatre maker and performer based in Manchester and North Wales. I have developed my artistry at university, centering my performance style around the hybridity of technology and the body, as well as autobiographical performance, working with found footage and the notion of nostalgia from my childhood memories in North Wales. I have had experience in multiple disciplinaries ranging from training as a technician with the Manchester School of Theatre to directing my own projects independent from university. My influences stem from artists and companies such as Forced Entertainment and Hester Chillingworth, who are experimental with their performances and devising process which I had never seen on stage before until coming to university. I have found like-minded people and have developed a fantastic network of artists and makers who support each other as a collective. I enjoy being playful and open in my devising process and revel in the happy mistakes throughout the rehearsal process, because oftentimes, that is where the best moments come from. Currently, I have exciting plans to develop my first 1 woman show, as well as working on installations I have curated and performed in that focus on 1-1 performance and moments of connection, as I believe they are central to my performance style.