Julia Antczak
BA (Hons) Interior Design

Julia Antczak

When creating new concepts, my focus is to create spaces that are accessible for everyone. I try to achieve this by researching new approaches to design and incorporating that knowledge into my own work. Aside from that, I have a great interest in graphic design as well as website and UI design that I have explored during and outside of my time at university.

Located in the Britannic Building and 14 Cateaton Street, I have created "The Batch Gin" retail shop and exclusive distillery experience. In addition to providing a physical location for the company in the heart of Manchester, the space will also provide employment opportunities for those affected by the recent closures within the hospitality sector due to COVID-19.  

The space has been created with the intention of offering an exclusive outlet for people to enjoy the taste of Batch Gin, a place where they may share their unique and fascinating history through a tour booking, and for those who wish to take part in a truly unique experience, they may book a private room with a private bar to explore all the different flavours.

Furthermore, I have also created a "Batch Gin - Gin on the go"  trailer pop-up that spreads awareness of the newly opened Batch Gin retail store and invites new customers to visit the store and bar. The mobile pop-up structure has been designed to promote new summer flavours as well as be flexible and easily moved around Manchester.