Lily-Mia Oakes
BA (Hons) Interior Design

Lily-Mia Oakes

As a design student, I focus on collaborative spaces, materials and their afterlife within interiors. An important feature of my designs is the push for environmentally-friendly spaces, specifically within environments you wouldn't normally see, such as cities. Wherever possible, my designs are made up of recycled, recyclable, or sustainable materials that can be kept from landfills and be consciously recycled or reused to reduce waste. 

AVALON wellness centre

Avalon offers a peaceful and rejuvenating oasis. Cosseted in the historic architecture of Castlefield Chapel, offering members access to therapeutic and holistic treatments. Public access to the subterranean café overlooking the Castlefield basin of the River Medlock is a haven away from the city's constant bustle. 

From the first step into Avalon, this eco-conscious interior is a haven of peace and light. The inclusion of 5 serenity pods with glass balconies overlooking the canal where the river flows, offers members a place of complete tranquillity.

The shop and holistic pharmacy offer a piece of the eco-friendly lifestyle that is now easily accessible for consumers, consequently, people are then able to put it into practice in their own homes. 


Onism is an ecological café/ eatery offering herbal teas and healthy cuisine within the heart of the Northern Quarter, Manchester. Within walking distance of Avalon, it provides members and previous customers with ease of access to Onism. 

The ethos behind Onism allows those who consume consciously to experience the café with peace of mind knowing that their main focus is the afterlife of the materials and the environment. 

The layout and areas such as the takeaway table allows workers from the surrounding areas to collect and consume items with simplicity and ease whilst also educating them on how to create a sustainable and maintainable environment.