Macy Byfield
BA (Hons) Filmmaking

Macy Byfield

Writer, Director & Visual Artist specialising in experimental Documentary Storytelling. 

Ethical representation of diverse perspectives is the primary focus of my work. Previously, I have explored the themes of heritage, community and mental health through Documentary and Artist Film, often being driven by my own lived experiences as a woman of mixed Jamaican and British heritage from a majority white suburban area. 

During my final year of study I have developed an interest in polyvocal documentary storytelling as a method of authentic representation and have experimented with gallery installation and interactive formats to create layered, immersive narratives with multiple voices and perspectives. My graduate film 'We Have(n't) Been Here Before' is reflective of this: a 5 screen installation piece exploring the relationship between age, identity and activism. 

In this next stage I am looking forward to pursuing more community focused and collaborative approaches to storytelling, with the aim to make work that is accessible to 'unexpected' audiences.

I am currently working freelance as Assistant Researcher for Empress Films.