Megan O'Brien
BA (Hons) Fine Art and Art History

Meg O’Brien is a graphic design/ sculptural artist that examines personal themes centred around trauma and mental health, accompanied by the topics of nostalgia/childhood. Such works include notions of child-like play through the contextualisation of balloons and other nostalgic items, as her age regression journey magnified her interest in this material matter within this time of solitude.

The child-like melancholic tonality behind the ever-changing balloons embodies dissociation plus maladaptive daydreaming, constructing a somewhat fantasy within the artists perspective of her everyday experiences. The dynamic of such inevitable changes in balloons, as they deflate, pop and interchange forms, indicates that states do not remain fixed forever. Change is inevitable. Yet, such play within the scale, construction and colour seem to make comical light of this.