Owen Skinner
BA (Hons) Drama and Contemporary Performance

Owen Skinner

I’m a 23 year actor, writer and director and love to write and perform comedy and drama. Aswell as graduating from Manchester School of Theatre, I’m also a BRIT School graduate in Musical Theatre and a member of The National Youth Theatre. All three have given me amazing opportunities to create my own work, work with industry professionals and theatre companies and be inspired and motivated to create work and build a career.

I often take inspiration when writing and developing a character from things that I observe of other people in a short amount of time, such as how they walk and talk and what they say. 

I’d like to eventually work within Theatre, TV and Film as an actor and writer. I’m also eager to work as a script reader and work within production companies to select scripts to take further into production. 

I recently co-wrote, directed, edited and performed in a Mockumentary called 'The Drama School', a parody which follows the day to day lives of teachers and students at the failing 'Edgar Fiddle School of Performing Arts'. The story is set around 2024, where budding performers have gradually drifted from wanting a career in the arts, due to the government's 'Rethink, Reskill, Reboot' initiative in 2020. This has caused this school to be hugely underfunded and on the brink of closing.