Pheobe Icke
BA (Hons) Textiles in Practice

As a mixed media and embroidery student I always find myself coming back to natural forms as a source of inspiration. To translate this interest the use of photography, line drawing and sampling to illuminate the narrative I’m working towards, is very important in my process. The evolution of my work throughout my degree has been tremendous. I have found that my passions lie within creating large scale ethereal installation pieces incorporating the use of pleating and stitch using materials such as silk, organza, and voile. My most recent work “Beneath the Lotus Leaves” is influenced by the large lotus that float delicately on the surface protecting the world beneath. Interpreting this idea as an installation led me to look at safety objects such as parachutes and umbrellas that people reside beneath to shelter away, allowing me to create my own layer of protection. I consider my work to be installation-based textiles and hope to translate into a fashion context.