Razan Ahmed
BA (Hons) Graphic Design

Razan Ahmed

I’m a Bahraini multidisciplinary designer, but my interest lies within typography, motion graphics, art direction and branding. My work is research-led, my creative-thinking allows me to generate solutions from different angles. Being a perfectionist, I’m very attentive in terms of making sure that the details I researched are conveyed properly through the design outcome. This project is an experimental typographic book that focuses on Bahraini folk stories and metaphors. I found myself curious about Arabic typography and being Bahraini, I am keen on exploring that area.

‘Flow’ is a lightweight, monolinear display sans serif typeface inspired by the fluid and continuous architectural details of Heydar Aliyev Center in Azerbaijan. The typeface captures the essence of the building by its curves and elimination of any harsh edges. It designed for both the English and Azeri alphabet and would be used as a way finding system in the building to guide the visitors. There are 3 variants of the lowercase letterforms for the user to choose from to resemble the multi-functional use of the building as well as its ability to look different through the day based on its semi-reflective glass.

Sa’afa is a typographic experimental book about Bahraini folk stories and metaphors through the colours Red, Blue and Green. The Jinn issue explores the theme of fear through ghost stories told through the colour red. The book shares the Bahraini culture to both Arabic and English readers. It focuses on typography as the main source of imagery as the story of each ghost and their characteristics is told through typography. Through this project I want to share my culture and the bizarre ghost stories carried through generations.

The last project is a motion work that maps the data of 3 desktop samples by creating my own code based on Holly Herndon's song, Chorus.