Rosie Woolaghan
BA (Hons) Fine Art

Rosie Woolaghan

My work has become a story of the invisible.

Of the infinite tiny ways I do not realise I am caring for myself.

The ways I meet pain with softness.

Acknowledging how I hold myself close, create space where I can be gentle and small.

It is a window into vulnerability, and an expression of experience.

Documenting the dialogue between body and environment.

Highlighting the impressions left on the spaces I inhabit.

The everyday, quiet ways my pain presents itself.

Celebrating a shift in focus from hurt onto the safety I work to allow myself.

Following the collection of rhythms that ground me each day.

The fluid motions, that wash away.

The bubbling up and boiling down.

The familiar repetitions.

Movement that helps me find stillness in the dark. 

Sighing breaths that help me find my feet. 

It does not seek to sensationalise suffering, nor frame this care as a radical act.

It simply seeks to point out that perhaps none of this is invisible, if you know where to look.

Rosie’s animations explore her relationship with her body and environment as a person who lives with chronic pain. She animates using the domestic spaces she inhabits and objects she interacts with while in pain. In this short film, she explores the actions through which she seeks softness to cope with and counteract these difficult sensations.