Samuel Turner
BA (Hons) Interior Design

Samuel Turner

FMP 2022

Little Porto

Little Porto aspires to bring together a community of Portuguese individuals from all across Manchester in order to create a community safe haven hub,  offering work shop / education Services to elderly and young people. 

Located on the ground floor is a deli that offers the consumer variety of dishes from stews to sea food. to being able to purchase genuine Portuguese wine. 

The space is there to help Portuguese citizens to improve their main language without they’re secondary language becoming the dominant one. 

Unit X 2022

Portos Bakery

Portos Bakery is a space that provides a relaxing and warm environment while seaving fresh bread and pastries with natural ingredients. 

Though the space is fiscal Portos Bakery can travel to various locations throughout Manchester to spread its taste. Recreating the expire from Portugals summer pastry sellers called ‘bolas de Berlim’