Tomoharu Sugiyama
BA (Hons) Illustration with Animation

Tomoharu Sugiyama

I am a designer and illustrator from Japan. I decided to study abroad in England at the age of 14. When I came to the UK, I had lots of great times as well as difficulties, such as overcoming the language barrier, culture shock and homesickness. These things were difficult but I know that they made me stronger; these experiences helped me learn and understand cultural differences. During my degree at university, the Illustration with Animation course has given me the opportunity to explore myself through Art and creative thinking.

My practice focuses on combining digital illustration with the digital editing process. Thematically my practice explores what I have experienced personally and culturally which is relevant to me as a Japanese student studying in the UK. 

In the recent years of the digital world, we all live with the development of technology. Many things have become mechanized, which also helps us live our lives. On the other hand, I feel like we are getting less communication and involvement in the community. I believe that the greatness of human beings is their relationship with others. The pandemic made it difficult for people to connect with others and go to other countries, which also made it difficult to get to know other counties' cultures and ways of living. Therefore, my compositions are designed to encourage more foreign people to take interest in diversity in our life and Japanese content/context. I hope my work encourages audiences to enjoy cultural exchanges and respect diversity.

Elephant Award