Aalia Fathima Shakeel Ahamed

Aalia Fathima Shakeel Ahamed - MA Design Innovation

Education & Social Change

“Silence in the face of injustice, is injustice in action”. 

Salam! I am driven to use my design voice for social good, focusing on education, biodiversity, human rights, women’s health and safety. I have authored a children’s faith-inspired book, co-founded an award-winning Gen Z financial literacy app, and am now an emerging Futurist, Learning, and Service Designer. Research and Imagination are my core strengths. 

Whether creating an experiential learning framework, a forest school for adults, or an immersive security cloud, I co-design with people, analyse, prototype, and iterate to develop innovative concepts using Design Thinking, Marketing and Start-up principles. I aspire to bring social change to the oppressed in Palestine and across the world, telling unheard stories through data and empowering communities.