Abby Thompson

Abby Thompson - BA (Hons) Interior Design

Bubble & Bite

Bubble & Bite aims to break down stigmas around food and hygiene insecurity by providing a food and hygiene bank. It offers meals, educational resources, bathing, and supplies, fostering diverse connections. Inspired by an orange, it symbolises peeling away societal norms to help individuals express their problems and access assistance.

The Wellness Wardrobe offers sustainable shopping with dispensers and drums stocked with staples like pasta and coffee beans. Customers can use their containers or bioplastic bags, reducing waste. Barcoded food and hygiene products are displayed for easy scanning with the Bubble & Bite app, enabling home delivery or pick-up. Electric cargo bikes minimise environmental impact for deliveries and donation collections. Products are sorted and excess packaging is recycled. Donation points at retailers are managed by electric cargo bikes. The app allows browsing, selection, and scanning for efficient shopping.

Food4All transforms fresh ingredients sourced from the Wellness Wardrobe into nutritious meals and shares culinary expertise through interactive classes led by experienced chefs. The communal dining area fosters inclusion, cultural exchange, and community well-being. The Hygiene Hub provides comprehensive education on proper hygiene practices to individuals of all ages, offering instructional materials and tools to promote personal hygiene. The Share Square hosts an array of workshops and classes covering diverse topics such as gardening and health, promoting lifelong learning and personal development.