Aimie Pamplin

Aimie Pamplin - MA Interiors

Space In Motion

Creating spaces that consider human beings and the planet in equal measure, my design anthology considers different approaches to adaptive and flexible spaces in response to human and environmental need. My methods involve observational and participatory techniques, analyzing an interiors ability to fulfill practical and sociological requirement exploring in depth how we inform and are informed by the spaces we use.

Taking a personable approach to design  to illicit human engagement, the process reflects the communities it serves in the aim of providing usable and desirable space, promoting and developing ongoing relationships. My approach aims to encourage positive and healthy behaviors, enabling both people and planet to flourish.

Rethinking interior design through a serviceable lensone that is removed from an 'end of life' approach but instead utilities regenerative principles, making use of existing, local and circular resources, the process involves strong acknowledgment of material origin in conjunction with the cataloguing, servicing and maintenance of  resources.

Embodying principles of responsible design, one that both the designer and user have an integral part to play, integrating longevity and process where there is ultimately no end but transition into new purpose.