Amelia Rose Godel

Amelia Rose Godel - BA (Hons) Fashion Art Direction

I am a creative director, photographer and videographer exploring image making through an escapist lens. Drawing on a wide range of references from ancient religions and mythology to modern musical artists, my work is full of visceral emotion and mystery, aiming to platform and communicate themes important to me such as sustainability, mental health issues and the queer experience, through extensive world-building. I take inspiration from the natural world as well as my fascination with the differing interpersonal relationships and belief systems of humans across the world.

My recent film DISCO INFERNO is a contemporary interpretation of Dante’s 'Inferno,' depicting a journey through the nine circles of hell within a modern nightclub setting. With an original score by local producer AdomasLP, paying homage to The Trammps' 1976 song of the same name, 'DISCO INFERNO' celebrates queer and rave culture in Manchester, and spotlights members within both communities

My final major project, Moonstone Covenant, consists of a series of editorials inspired by the magic and symbolism found within nature, intended to inspire the viewer to want to protect the planet and live a more sustainable lifestyle through appreciation of the beauty of the natural world as if it were a religion to be worshipped.