Aoife Harpur

Aoife Harpur - BA (Hons) Textiles In Practice

Tuatha Textiles

My work is rooted in my connection to Irish folklore and my culture. "Tuatha Textiles" embodies stories from my childhood about the Tuatha de Dánnan, a supernatural, fairy- like tribe from Celtic mythology. I imagined the attire of these mythological beings, drawing inspiration from nature and the Irish dancing dresses I wore as a child,incorporating Celtic knots into my designs. Using rich red mohair and thick wool knits, I combined hard and soft textiles to create visual and tactile interest. Celtic knots, symbolizing the eternity of life with their infinite loops, serve as a connection to nature and a form of communication, reflecting the timeless traditions of the Celts. In my work, I used Dubied knitting machines, Shima Seiki software and machine, the domestic knitting machine, the Ethos embroidery machine and finally the laser cutter to combine this hard contrasting element.