Brodie Whittaker

Brodie Whittaker - BA (Hons) Photography

Reshaping Eden

Reshaping Eden explores humanity’s efforts to modify natural landscapes,to preserve their beauty. The work comments on the human need for intervention to mitigate the effects of environmental degradation, while also acknowledging the ethical and aesthetic considerations of the methods in which we do this.The title symbolises the act of altering the concept of the Garden of Eden which represents a paradisiacal natural state. These images were taken at the Wyre Beach in Blackpool where I spent a large portion of my childhood, which is undergoing a £40m coastal defence project, constructing rock armour and new groynes to safeguardproperties against flooding and erosion. Even with theknowledge that the transformation is for a good purpose watching the process seems violent compared to the happy memories I posse of this space, spending a large amount of time in the location across my childhood. Reshaping Eden attempts to covey the redefining of our relationship with the world and the ongoing quest to find harmony between man and nature.