Caitlin Alice Geraghty

Caitlin Alice Geraghty - BA (Hons) Textiles In Practice

Walls Of Wellness

My practice focuses on illustrative wall designs, such as repeat wallpapers and murals. I utilise my skills in hand drawing with mixed media elements when creating my designs, and I am primarily focused on botanical inspiration. My work is also scientifically informed by biophilic design principles; bringing natural elements into man-made environments in attempt to positively improve human well-being. ‘Walls Of Wellness’ aims to captivate these principles in a creative and informative approach.

Throughout my final year at university, my research into biophilic design within the Contextualising Practice unit ultimately determined my practical work. I was particularly inspired by Jay Appleton’s theory of prospect and refuge, the desire for both security and curiosity. Through wall furnishings and other biophilic design outcomes, the outside can be bought inside for those who struggle to access nature, to help them heal. Merging design with biophilic healing.

My practice is an evolving journey, from identifying various flora and fauna across Leicestershire and Rutland, to creating hand drawn studies of such species, which later develop into illustrative patterns and mural designs.

In the future, I will continue to illustrate the beauty of the natural world, and I hope to go into art therapy with a consideration for eco therapy. I have therefore begun to teach my skills (predominantly drawing), through workshops within the community.