Charlotte Laithwaite

Charlotte Laithwaite - BA (Hons) Product Design and Craft

Blurring The Boundaries

Throughout my work, I have explored the interplay of light and colour to create functional art that serves as playful objects, sparking conversations among users. My design concept incorporates intangible elements like light, which interact dynamically with my glassware. Through deliberate design, I've crafted pieces that capture and reflect light, enhancing the visual experience and creating captivating interplays between the glass and the liquid it holds.

Each glass in the collection is meticulously crafted to embody the journey of mixology and illuminate the drinking experience. By integrating innovative materials and lighting elements, these glasses transcend traditional design, offering a unique exploration of how light interacts with beverages and enhances the sensory enjoyment of cocktails.

The next steps in my work are exciting, and I'm staying true to my focus on light and colour in my designs. I aim to evoke a sense of joy and curiosity, encouraging interaction and dialogue around the unique qualities of the glass pieces. Each piece is crafted not only to serve its practical purpose but also to engage and inspire those who interact with it, fostering a deeper appreciation for the beauty and versatility of glass as a medium.