Cole Moore

Cole Moore - BA (Hons) Fine Art

Informed by local political murals and the innocence of their upbringing in Northern Ireland, the artist's practice delves into the complex socio-political landscape of their homeland. Their work serves as a visual exploration of Northern Ireland's turbulent history, from the late 1960s to the present, drawing from personal experiences of the after effects of the Troubles whilst trying to dissect and translate past conflict through their body of work. 

Employing painting and printmaking, each piece beneath the surface forms symbolic representation of political and religious themes intertwined with Northern Irish culture. Research of the CAIN archive along with interviews from former paramilitary prisoners, enriches the narrative with firsthand perspectives and historical accuracy.

Central to their work are powerful visual symbols such as balaclavas and weapons, representative of Northern Ireland's political turmoil. However, these symbols carry deeper meanings, reflecting on the socioeconomic and political issues inherent in working-class communities.

Overall, the artist's body of work serves as a visual chronicle and commentary on Northern Ireland's complex history, highlighting both the enduring legacies of conflict and the resilience of its people.